I love rainbows.  My  passion is colour first and foremost in my life. Over the past couple of days I have been creating rainbows as part of a textile piece for an exhibition  taking place on the 7th February.  The exhibition “Love LIFE”  has some of my ceramic art and textile work on display. The piece I am currently working on is a  over – sized art doll. Her costume is a delight. I shrunk and felted an old sweater of mine ( purple and orange) and I am in the process of embellishing it with rainbow colours in a variety of ways. There are buttons, and cross stitch and flowers and ceramic pieces.

When I create rainbows it isn’t always the complete spectrum I have to say. I nearly always start with colours that uplift and  balance me. Feeling good is always important.  I chose my colours according to my mood . One day it could be red for energy – another green for peace, balance and harmony. ( The other day I wrote about RED.)   Mostly my colour choices  fit with what I am feeling, but of course there are times when the colours I need to work with are not the colours that my soul needs on that day. On those occasions I choose to use crystals and music to bring about my equilibrium.   Today its Paolo Nutini singing about new shoes ! Red ones!   His music is uplifting as the rain beats down on the window.

Freya creating art doll costume

Freya creating art doll costume

Baby Sneakers fro Website  011 (2)ed ones!

However yesterday and today  I have been happily playing with the rainbow spectrum  while creating a  costume for the art doll.  I am including a photo or two of aspects of the work.  I have created some amazing sneakers for her – a shoe make-over of a pair cf children’s shoes  –    and currently am working on her costume  which I  am embellishing with orange, pink, aqua, blue, yellow  ….  and more  —   ooh  such joy!   Everything is coming up roses as they say! 



RAINBOWS – I love them.  They excite the child in me and I may never grow up.  I think of myself as female Peter Pan and a walking rainbow. I always chose the colour of the clothes I wear to reflect my mood or to enhance it.

I remember taking a helicopter ride many years ago. I was staying on Maui.  As we circled the island, I saw the most spectacular rainbow ever – it was a complete circle. It was breathtaking. Don’t think it happens anywhere else in the world. I didn’t have my camera with me but have carried it in my heart ever since. Rainbows and COLOUR are my PASSION.

Writing this today on a cold, wet and grey day makes me want to wear my RED  hat and scarf when I go out soon.  I  researched  the psychology of colour many years ago and so maybe you’d like to know some more about our colour preferences.  My colour choices either reflect where I am at emotionally and physically –  or I choose something knowingly to uplift and enhance my life. Energetically RED  is the “spirit of  life, love, will and gratitude. As I tippy type at the keys I am also thinking about the exhibition I am taking part in soon. It is called LOVE LIFE –  and that  of course can refer to romantic love or our love for life in general. (I am happy to have both!)  I’m sure as a group of artists, there will be many aspects of ‘loving life ‘ for everyone to view.  I am really excited by the colours and textures that I am currently working on. (It’s all under wraps at the moment.) 

 So here’s a little information of the power of RED.   My choice this grey day!  

RED is the spirit of life, love, will, and gratitude. It encompasses many shades and tints such as  scarlet, crimson, flame, russet, maroon, pink, cerise, magenta.   RED  can offer us insight into personal growth. The positive attributes are courage, strength, will, adventure, cheerfulness and passion.  The negative attributes include conceit, anger, pressure, temper, stubborn and sexual excess. RED can stimulate physical activity and vitality and for me it engenders feelings of security, stability, self confidence and warmth. It can be a good colour to have around you when you are feeling tired, or lacking physical  strength. However  if you’re angry, aggressive or  just need to wind down and relax – then give it a miss.

So I am off out  shortly and will be wearing my red scarf and red beret. They are buried in a heap in my hall! – must go search for them and I will put up a photo. A girl can never have too many hats and scarves – especially when she’s a walking rainbow like me!  I’m bright and cheery today – but a boost of passion and adventure sounds good to me too! – and hopefully my smile and colour choice will chase away this very GREY English day and brighten up the morning for anyone I meet. Let’s see how my RED day unfolds!

RED Beret - buried in here!

RED Beret – buried in here!




A few days ago a group of  students from our local uni contacted me. They are film makers in their  first year  (lovely kids – or should I say young adults! ) They had chosen ‘Southsea Greenhouse’  a local garden and arts community group)  for their project and they wanted to  find out more. We met yesterday at the entrance to the uni cafe.  (I could feel the buzz as hundreds  huddled over teas and coffees!)

Amber, Ryan, Ollie and John interviewed me around  a more relaxed coffee table setting.  They were eager to  hear about the community group and why I joined them.  Conversation was easy as I explained the the background as to how the community started in 2010 and now in 2014  it was a busy and thriving  co-operative combining gardeners and artists who mutually supported each other.  There were lots of questions, lots of talking on my part! and plenty of note taking on theirs.  Amber said they’d come across my colourful, quirky  art during their research and were so pleased that I was willing to help them and wanted to see some of it. I could see the light and passion in their eyes.  It was a joy to help them – and it was a lovely surprise and opportunity for me too.  The WINGS photo below  is one they snapped from the small photo album I had with me.  I guess something in this  piece of art art touched their hearts.  The wings,  which I designed and created some time back, live permanently  in my lounge  and when I told them  that it was a colourful and messy space they wasted no time in telling me they wanted to come along and film it! ( note to myself  – get the hoover out soon!)  They want to see other art too when they visit me – including  knitted bags, up-cycled garden pots, painted chairs  and the enchanting fairy art in my tiny, quirky  back garden. ( I better sort and locate everything  soon as I am in the middle of moving into anew studio.)  Maybe its time – like the wings in the photo  – for them to fly!   They are also planning to come to the  Southsea Greenhouse  EXHIBITION   ” Love Life”  at Cafe Parisien in Portsmouth on Feb 7th.  About 10 of us are exhibiting.

The students will  be filming hours of footage over the coming weeks and taking notes at many interviews. I don’t envy their task of the  fine tuning. They have to present a mini film just 3 minutes long! Cant wait to see it.

Hand crafted wings by Freya Perry
hand crafted wings by Freya Perry

hand crafted wings by Freya Perry

Knitted bag - ripped fabric.

Knitted bag – ripped fabric.

Mannequin'LuLu'  currently in  the kitchen after a previous exhibition.

Mannequin in my kitchen!

NUDE soon to be clothed!

A  NUDE  soon to be clothed will be part of an exhibition called “LOVE LIFE”   to be held at Cafe Parisien, Portsmouth (Hampshire UK) on  the 7th Feb  from 6 – 8 pm.  The artists and crafters  (who are part of the Southsea Greenhouse community) will be putting on a great show of their artwork.  This little darling of mine will be in the exhibition too (which will run through till  mid March.)  Me thinks she’s already making an exhibition of herself showing her naked body!   and it was so COLD today!  Think I detected goose-bump  shiver prickles. In fact today, some students from Portsmouth Uni ( film and media dept) interviewed me about my artwork.   They are eagerly awaiting  my final creativity to clothe her.  She will be colourful – rest assured –  and so now to decide  on  her costume. What fabric should I use? What colours will I choose?  Should I use cotton,  linen, wool or felted wool  or?   –   and what of her hair, eyes, nose and mouth ..  and then there’s her shoes ..  or boots … or?   —   so many choices.  And will she be standing or seated?   Ooh such fun! Stay tuned!

 waiting to be clothed.

waiting to be clothed.

… and  loving life. ( as I do!)


I always work better when the sun is shining. Dull, wet, dark and rainy  days don’t inspire me to get creative. I need LIGHT to create  the best from heart-soul.  I don’t want to produce  dull work –   unless its an experiement  – so I don’t. Rather than  create with my hands  on those days — I plan instead.  I am planning right now – to be part of an exhibition  “LOVE LIFE” as part of the Southsea Greenhouse artists and crafters group.   There will be a ceramic piece for sure  which speaks from the heart   and some bright, colourful  textile work too.

Here’s a  sneak preview of  tiny part of two of the  exhibits – come and see if you can spot them.  but there will be more!

Feb 7th   6 – 8 pm Cafe Parisien   Portsmouth.

come find me at the exhibitiion.

come find me at the exhibitiion.

tiny part of a  ceramic exhibit  - come find it at the exhibition.

tiny part of a ceramic exhibit – come find it at the exhibition.

LOVE LIFE – away with the fairies!

A doorway into the land of the fairies. sculpted clay.

A doorway into the land of the fairies. sculpted clay.

Whenever  I take a new slab of clay, I like to feel it in my hands for a while.  When I try too hard to create something – nothing happens, but when I allow myself to flow with the process, then  my heart takes over. I am never quite sure what will emerge. I often roll a slab of clay  and hold it in my  hands  and play with. A  shape always takes form. This is what happened when I started this enchanting piece.  The upward movements formed into ‘branches’ and it soon became a hollowed out tree. I couldn’t help myself from adding a fairy door at the bottom.   There are footsteps by the door though they can’t be seen in this photo. I have a love of butterflies and dragonflies and they often appear in my work. The patterns were created  using my favourite piece of lace.  I am new to this world of clay but have fallen in love with it.

Wandering creative hands!

hand embellished mannequin hand  - exhibition piece

hand embellished mannequin hand – exhibition piece

My hands love to create. (They don’t like to do dishes!) I was working on a mannequin, LULU  for an exhibition depicting my life story. I chose the name  LU LU as I come from Liverpool ( Liverpool LU!) and I am a Gemini – hence two LU’s !   When it came to embellishing and decorating her hand ( MY HAND),  I felt drawn to use words as I am also a  writer — and then just had to add a piece of textured artwork – a  wrist cuff. Her upper body is another story.LU LU  upper body