On yer bike!

Life has been crazily and happily busy this past week, so all I have time to write today is this tiny piece.

I don’t own a bike anymore … but my friend Sue has and old battered one that she wanted yarn bombing  to create a feature at a  wonderful community garden project.   ( I am an artist and crafter linked with the centre. )  Check out http://www.southseagreenhouse.co.uk    and you can see what happened to an old  overgrown piece of land when people in the community took it over and created the most beautiful community garden.

I am mega busy  this week too –    but it was a delight to step back from my own creative work today and sit in her lounge late this afternoon – until early evening  and stitch umpteen donated knitted pieces around the bicycle frame. We drank much tea, ate cake and hot cross buns  – and nattered while we stitched!

And although it’s not finished  yet –  here’s what we got up to.

Freya yarnbombing a bicycle.

Freya yarnbombing a bicycle.

Freya and Sue Yarnbombing a bicycle.

Freya and Sue Yarnbombing a bicycle.

It was very therapeutic and relaxing and was finished off with a roast chicken dinner. ( Thanks to Sue –  YUM!)

As I have said before I love my creative life.


It’s playtime!

Sometimes it’s really important to step back and play. The trouble with artists and crafters –  ie  ME – is that  playtime often involves more of the same.

Today was different – my playtime involved walking in the sunshine which in itself was a huge change as we have been experiencing violent gales and rain for weeks now. Much of the seaside area close to my home has been damaged. However the sun shone the whole day today and so I walked  along the  prom – very happily!

My friend was working today,  so I borrowed her husband for an hour or two to have coffee and see an art exhibition and sellers market near to their home. There was a  play table ( in the cafe area) with a notice inviting people to create badges.  Well I couldn’t resist.  By the session starting time – not his things at all – my  friend’s husband wanted to go home and watch footie on TV. I was free to play to my heart’s content – and play I did.  

I just let the child in me have fun.  I created childlike drawings and coloured them in with felt tipped pens – there was even some some shiny metallic paper. Finally I added a  few words. Huge fun. I was the only person at the play table.  No one else stopped by – and there were no kids around. Then out of the blue another friend came and said hello – she didn’t stop to play – she didn’t have the time.  So I continued to have fun alone. ( Can you imagine my joy – I had a whole table to myself – with all those coloured felt tipped pens and metallic foil! )  Needless to say many adults looked and smiled – but hurried on by. A few minutes later another friend stopped by to say hello. She thought I was running the class. I explained I was just playing – just wanted to enjoy ! She sat a while and we chatted –  and then she joined in too.  So now there were two adults playing.  A little while later three more adult friends passed by and said hello – and they all joined in! Very soon the table was full of adults playing  We had a ball. ( I just realised I am lucky to have so many arty friends!) 

Below is the ‘naive’ result of  my bit of fun!  Not at all like my own art  …  this was just the child playing … the child being me!   I quite liked the orange one in the middle with the gold heart and wore it home  …. and received quite a few comments too!  My second favourite was the orange and green one with writing.

I’m into hearts as you can see – and this playtime today was quite different to the ceramic hearts I recently created.  


play day - freeing the child within and making badges

play day – freeing the child within and making badges

Ceramic Hearts

Ceramic Hearts

It was a happy play-day Sunday.  I should do it more often!




Well it will soon be Valentine’s day –  that time of year when our LOVE LIFE  is uppermost in our thoughts. It’s great to receive those cards and wonder who sent them!

.. but  I am not referring to that sort of love life – rather LOVING LIFE  itself.  I have the most amazing time, daily, weekly, monthly  – having fun enjoying being creative. I really do Love my Life. The past weeks have been spent getting ready for an exhibition  which starts tomorrow. I love colour as you well know and have a passion for it. This art work has given me free rein to indulge myself by using a variety of materials and textures  – and dipping into the rainbow.

Here’s a selection of my quirky art in the Exhibition LOVE LIFE at le Cafe Parisien in Portsmouth –  7th February 2014.

Rainbow hair art doll

Rainbow hair art doll

This delightful rainbow haired art doll is approximately 12 inches tall.  As you can see she loves colour too!  I was drawn to purple and dark aqua for this elfin (fairy) lady – who has soft wings.

LOVE LIFE exhibits  by Freya Perry

Above is a group of art for the exhibition.  Long tall Lizzie – as I like to think of her – represents loving life itself.  She is about 3 foot tall. I created her pattern, stitched and stuffed the form and then had a ball creating her costume.  I took an old sweater of mine and felted it in the washing machine. Once I’d cut it down to fit her, I added  embellishments by hand.  I created pink tights, then  went on to makeover her sneakers  – great fun!   I painted them, added sparkle, glitter and words. (Dream.)  Hair hair is made from merino wool and her fingers sport stick-on nail art!  Like all good kids she has a water bottle draped over her shoulder. You can see close ups of this work on my facebook artist page   Freya Perry : Enchanting art.

The next photos are mixed media . A wrapped wire heart   “About time” – ( there’s a small clock on it)  makes me wonder if  ‘he’ will ask ‘her’ to marry him!   This is followed by  an aspect of a larger ceramic piece. It is hand made paper clay. The words read “spend time in nature.”

Art Heart "About time!"

tiny part of a  ceramic exhibit  - come find it at the exhibition.

tiny part of a ceramic exhibit – come find it at the exhibition.

The final photo is a ceramic piece with a touch of yarn. I love knitting too and so does this character.

"I Love to Knit"   Ceramic Art

“I Love to Knit” Ceramic Art



ripped yarn bag

This ‘bag lady’  has lots of bags:  handbags, designer bags, shopping bags, plastic bags, ripped yarn bags, handmade bags : small ones, tiny ones, large ones, oversize ones –  and if you are getting to know me, then by now you will of course understand that they have to match my outfit or mood.  This evening’s colour is ORANGE. That’s because my photo group are choosing something orange as the topic. Not a colour that many of choose to wear quite frankly. It can look quite harsh, but it does have a somewhat frivolous feel to it. It can look quite cheap – but also elegant. That depends on the tint, tone or shade you choose to use.  It is light-hearted.   

Orange brings us creativity and fun!  I am all for that. Recently  I saw a lovely piece of fabric. I was drawn to the orange in the pattern and was ready to play. My creative urge again. The fabric was quite dramatic, so I wanted to soften it. I ripped it, knotted it and wrapped it into a ball of knitting yarn. I didn’t have a set idea of stitches. It was organic and just happened. I like to work that way. I also decided that I wanted the knots to show as part of the design. So if you want to create one – here’s how!

Cast enough stitches to make the row as as wide as you feel you want the bag to be — then continue knitting ( garter knit stitch is easy) until it’s long enough to be able to double up / turn up to form a pouch.  If you knit an even longer piece then you can form a flap. (I left the knots showing on the right side to become a feature in the design.)  Finally you stitch the sides – and then you have a small bag. ‘ Simples’ as they say!  Finally stitch on some handles. ( You could knit a long shoulder bag rope style handle.) I also added some buttons and beads to enhance the design.  I loved it and it gets many comments.  This is the result.

Knitted bag

Piece of  fabric


Ripped fabric

Ripped fabric


ripped fabric

ripped fabric


ripped yarn bag close up

close up of  knitted “yarn”  with buttons and beads added

ripped yarn bag

ripped yarn bag


Finished ripped yarn bag

Finished ripped yarn bag

This is another variation on the theme.

Art Knitted bag  with hand made polymer clay button
Art Knitted bag
with hand made polymer clay button

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I wasn’t planning to do this  ..   as with all my creative work it just happened when I was in the flow.


Shoes to set your feet a dancing!

My dear friend Sally who now lives in Spain, loves my shoe make-overs. ( I  taught this art form for many years.)  She suggested I put some of them on here.  Maybe she needed a rainbow fix!  So this is for you Sally and other shoe or rainbow lovers wherever you may be. Shoes are part of my rainbow world every day. Firstly of course they have to be comfy and secondly they have to match or compliment my outfit.  I like to be co-ordinated when it comes to my clothes.

This afternoon I posted a photo to a group involved in a photo a day on face book  ….  such fun! Today’s topic was “favourite things” and so I posted a very colourful photo of pair of my shop bought shoes. I couldn’t resist the purchase – they were in the sale last year. I found them among a heap of others on the floor in the NEXT outlet shop.  My radar spotted them. They are shoes I really love,  as the colours are so spectacular  –  and the soles a delight – tho they are scuffed and worn now!  They are also comfy! However they are summer shoes only and so they are asleep in my wardrobe right now waiting to be let out to enjoy life again!  Roll on summer.

Anyway,  over the years, besides buying shoes, ( and I have many pairs!)  I have created many shoe make-overs for myself ( or to commission)  to match my mood and my outfits. I have also taught others this lovely art-form, so they too can enjoy wearing rainbow footwear.  Creating your own makeover gives you the opportunity to express yourself and have the exact colour or pattern to your liking.  It’s also great fun!  Here’s  a  selection of photos for you to enjoy.

Shop bought Sale shoes .

Shop bought Sale shoes.


Shoe make-overs by Freya Perry

Shoe make-overs by Freya Perry


Rear View of shoe  make- over by Freya Perry

Rear View of shoe make- over by Freya Perry


custom shoe make-over. Sneakers by Freya Perry

custom shoe make-over. Sneakers by Freya Perry


Children's wellies.   Waterproof make over by Freya Perry

Children’s wellies. Waterproof make over by Freya Perry


Flat  pumps. " musical shoe make -over by Freya Perry

Flat pumps. ” musical ” shoe make – over by Freya Perry