Well it will soon be Valentine’s day –  that time of year when our LOVE LIFE  is uppermost in our thoughts. It’s great to receive those cards and wonder who sent them!

.. but  I am not referring to that sort of love life – rather LOVING LIFE  itself.  I have the most amazing time, daily, weekly, monthly  – having fun enjoying being creative. I really do Love my Life. The past weeks have been spent getting ready for an exhibition  which starts tomorrow. I love colour as you well know and have a passion for it. This art work has given me free rein to indulge myself by using a variety of materials and textures  – and dipping into the rainbow.

Here’s a selection of my quirky art in the Exhibition LOVE LIFE at le Cafe Parisien in Portsmouth –  7th February 2014.

Rainbow hair art doll

Rainbow hair art doll

This delightful rainbow haired art doll is approximately 12 inches tall.  As you can see she loves colour too!  I was drawn to purple and dark aqua for this elfin (fairy) lady – who has soft wings.

LOVE LIFE exhibits  by Freya Perry

Above is a group of art for the exhibition.  Long tall Lizzie – as I like to think of her – represents loving life itself.  She is about 3 foot tall. I created her pattern, stitched and stuffed the form and then had a ball creating her costume.  I took an old sweater of mine and felted it in the washing machine. Once I’d cut it down to fit her, I added  embellishments by hand.  I created pink tights, then  went on to makeover her sneakers  – great fun!   I painted them, added sparkle, glitter and words. (Dream.)  Hair hair is made from merino wool and her fingers sport stick-on nail art!  Like all good kids she has a water bottle draped over her shoulder. You can see close ups of this work on my facebook artist page   Freya Perry : Enchanting art.

The next photos are mixed media . A wrapped wire heart   “About time” – ( there’s a small clock on it)  makes me wonder if  ‘he’ will ask ‘her’ to marry him!   This is followed by  an aspect of a larger ceramic piece. It is hand made paper clay. The words read “spend time in nature.”

Art Heart "About time!"

tiny part of a  ceramic exhibit  - come find it at the exhibition.

tiny part of a ceramic exhibit – come find it at the exhibition.

The final photo is a ceramic piece with a touch of yarn. I love knitting too and so does this character.

"I Love to Knit"   Ceramic Art

“I Love to Knit” Ceramic Art



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