I have just been away on a weekend of ‘clay play.’   This time I wanted to explore  creating with porcelain paper clay. It’s so fine and different to others I have recently been experimenting with such as Crank, St Thomas and even flax paper clay. Me thinks my love affair with flax paper clay is about to come to an end  – well just for a while,  as now I  love the feel of the new found porcelain paper clay in my hands.  I can work in such fine detail.  Bliss.

I chose to stay at a lovely hotel close to the centre where my course was being held  … and on the first evening chatted for about 5 minutes to a lovely lady in the lounge while waiting for friends. She said she was a potter and ceramicist. We barely had  time to chat and  I had so many questions to ask her  —  being a ‘baby beginner’ so to speak. I so hoped that I would see her the next morning at breakfast. She was there, alone and happy to chat to me.  I found out that she was a very  well known ceramicist.  How lucky was I?  What amazing  good fortune! I felt as though my guardian angel had placed me in that hotel at the right time. I am a firm believer that when our energy field  vibration is clean and clear – that  our desires can be met – and so it feels that Dorothy  Feibleman and me were destined to meet. Dorothy has actually made her own very fine translucent parian clay and designed some amazing extruders to create millefiore designs.  I had so many questions  to ask her and she she answered them patiently.  I could have stayed forever gleaning knowledge but my course was calling me and I had to leave. She was checking out of the hotel that morning, and  I have her details to keep in touch. How lucky am I?  

At the course later that day –  we were creating spoons and  brooches using porcelain clay – and we were all chatting  – as you do! I mentioned having had breakfast with Dorothy and a couple of the women on the course asked if she was Dorothy Feibleman?  One of them knew her and had studied with her years ago. They were  all so envious of my breakfast time chat.

I had been playing with polymer clay recently – and although I had a small hand held extruder to create piped shapes and learned slab mixes to attain millefiore and more  –  I had been wondering how I could create those intricate designs using earth clay. That’s exactly what Dorothy had designed – large extruders with a variety of shapes for use with (earth)clay. Naturally I have now spent time on the internet checking out Dorothy’s work. Her translucent porcelain art work is stunningly  beautiful.

I have to thank my guardian angel   –  and myself too for listening to that small inner voice to let go of financial worries and choose that particular hotel. It was expensive.  I could have chosen a cheaper one miles away but I decided that I would have a lovely weekend and pamper myself.   A treat for me.  So glad I did.

And so today – my first day back –  I am  beginning to assimilate all that I learned over the weekend – not only on my course with the delightful Emma Wilson,  but also of course with Dorothy. I feel blessed. 

Here’s a photo of the porcelain clay spoon I created with Emma  – and the photo below shows the bowl of the spoon in detail. I decorated it with oxides.That was the hardest bit – as you cannot see the final colours.  In fact its hard to see where you have added the oxides in some places at all as they are so feint until fired. Now I have to be patient until all my art work is fired and the colours show.  I also created some brooches. Ooh – the excitement to come.

Freya creating a porcelain clay spoon

Freya creating a porcelain clay spoon

Head of  porcelain clay spoon

Head of porcelain clay spoon with accented colour detail using oxides.

You can find more info on Dorothy Feibleman and her extruders  if you google  her name and  ‘magic tool system.’

As for the talented Emma Wilson, her website is   and she has a facebook page too. The delightful Emma is running more workshops soon at Barlaston Village Hall ( Nearest train station is Stoke), which I can thoroughly recommend.  Have fun if you decide to go! 




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