About a week ago I decided to write a little each day on my face book page about my inner smile and happiness –  commenting on how I was feeling  – hoping that I could actually write something light and positive each and every day. Days 1 – 6 were easy. My smile was naturally there. Life was good. I was busily preparing art for a  forthcoming mad hatters tea party and a TIME themed exhibition. I was mega busy!  – hence having lapsed in my writing here.( Photos will follow in another post.)

Since starting the  ISH journal I had  woken each day with joy. However today, as Day 7 dawned, I was feeling a little under the weather. No, I was healthy, nothing wrong with me, yet that smile and inner happiness was merely lurking in the background.  Maybe I had been too busy. Maybe it was because the sun wasn’t bright – and I NEED sunshine. Being a colourist I don’t do well with grey. It was colder than recently and the wind was buffeting. I don’t like that either.  So I was ready and up for the challenge to find ways to bring back my natural inner glow. I am believer in following my heart – so I did just that. I knew that something that when something  “called me”  —  what I call following the pull of my heart,  it would bring me back to my normal bubbly self. So I  decided to watch some morning TV. Fiona Bruce was hosting a programme about art – and  was in the process of discovering whether a wonderful art piece possibly by Vuillard was a forgery or REAL. I was fascinated by the long winded and painstaking process  they had to go through to get the piece authenticated.I was so happy to sit feet up watching breakfast time TV! I was elated when the owner was finally given a REAL verdict. His joy was palpable.  I started to lighten up, though in all honesty SELF was still a little subdued. I knew I needed to do more of following my heart. Next I went B & Q to buy a new light fitting for the kitchen. They had exactly what I wanted and then I got side tracked into buying a few other household items including tile paint for the kitchen. I reckoned it might be cheaper and quicker than re-tiling, though not sure when I will get to start it!   By this time I was feeling a little brighter.

I next planned to go to our local community garden to do some yarn-bombing.  I am making over the  bicycle which stands by the gates to attract passers by.  I sat in the weak sunlight for an hour or so happily stitching knitted pieces to cover the bike. I was getting cold and hungry BUT still loving what I was doing. The colourful knitted pieces were piled high in a large bag. All I had to do was choose the colours, sit, sew and enjoy.


Freya Perry Yarn-bombing a bicycle


My spirits lifted.

The Southsea Greenhouse garden is such a beautiful place to go and visit. I thoroughly recommend it.  (    All the other volunteers there are a great bunch. The area is so full of life.  A dad and small child walked by and the little girl’s eyes lit up when she saw the bike. That made my day. The simple things in life – and free in this case  – had just brought joy to others  – and suddenly I was back to being a happy bunny.

I have also found another way to bring back my sense of happiness – ie a way to balance my mood. I LOVE colour  – as you can see from the bike photo –  but sometimes I just  need the balance of black and white to regain equilibrium  —  and so I create zentangle  patterns. This particular one was of a bird. I create the designs from my heart.

Freya Perry  - a black and white zentangle bird creation

Freya Perry – a black and white zentangle bird creation

It ‘s nice to know that we can choose to create our inner happiness and bring back our inner smile.  


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