Down the rabbit hole

Over the past few months I have been drawn to the story of Alice in Wonderland and in particular the ever “in a hurry White Rabbit.”  He keeps popping into my  mind and calling me. I think its to do with time!   Perhaps I feel I am running out of time. Perhaps my chronological age bears no resemblance to my inner spiritual age ( ah that’s true – I may never grown up!) though I have slowed down.

I’ve been creating ceramic pieces around the theme of time —  small fantasy clock pieces, a rabbit with a tea pot and a clock! I’m having great fun. Found a box of old watch parts and am using them in my work. That was serendipity!  Is that what it’s teaching me?  To let go and have fun!? Whenever I have fun with my creative work – others enjoy it more too.I know that.

A group of local artists have a light- hearted  day coming up – with some  creative play for kids, followed by a mad hatters tea party and an exhibition. I’m making  clay biscuit with the words EAT ME  on them  – for kids to paint   —  and some wacky clock circles  too. Also  creating some framed time themed art for the exhibition. The theme is the ‘Lost hour project’ to coincide with the clock change.

Ceramic Alice in Wonderland biscuit.

Ceramic Alice in Wonderland biscuit.


Ceramic and old clock pieces  ART

Ceramic and old clock pieces ART


Alice in Wonderland squares.

Alice in Wonderland squares.

ceramic clock circle 014 (2)

Ceramic time themed fantasy clock pendant .

rabbit where's alice 025 (2)

  The White rabbit ready for tea!  


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