TIME to reflect

Sometimes in life we have to step back and take stock – go within, go without!, go round in circles and come back to the place we were once at – but at a new level. I went without many things over the past months and particularly my art – nothing seemed right. So I didn’t create for a while.  I cleared out my studio – in fact gave it up. Sold off most of my materials and resources –  and gifted lots to The Rowans Hospice and a local Children’s Charity. (Bens Haven)  All done very happily.

This freedom gave me the much needed breathing space I had been craving. I cleared out lots from my Summer House of Enchanting Dreams ( my  SHED) in my garden.  Life began to feel lighter.  I was ready to retire  – and just enjoy life, but hey ho  – that creative urge came knocking at my door   — and then I realised why I had saved all my paints!  My fingers were itching to be creative. After reading about brave intuitive painting , I found an unused canvas among  my reserved stash! I found my acrylics and a brush – BUT instead  of using brush strokes, I found myself finger painting . I loved the feeling of smearing the paint on to the white surface with out any preconceived idea of what would form. I allowed. I played.   I was having fun. I took my acrylics and smeared them over the canvas and scratched houses into the paint using my finger nails and the end of the brush that was lying idle. I finally added some inked lines and figures. I had never done this in my life before and I LOVED the result. I had found freedom.

Houses by Lake

Houses by Lake

So then  I created another. I was on a roll. This one bugged me – there was only one figure in it and I wanted there to be two people so I eventually added another figure.

Coastal path

Coastal path

Finally I really let loose and  created a flower scene.  It was kind of wild. BUT that’s how I was feeling.

Wild Flowers on canvas

Wild Flowers on canvas

Its not the best art in the world,  but it was my art and it flowed from my heart-soul. I felt good.  I felt free and ready to make more art. The colours were calling me.

TIME set me thinking. What did I want to do with my time now I could choose to do anything I wanted and  I came up with the deep longing only to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and with whom I wanted to share time.  Being retired gave me that luxury. COLOUR called me.

So I started to paint again using bolder colour.  The houses theme jumped out at me and  I happily created some new art from my heart-soul. My Hugging Homes (C)  were born.

Colourful hugging houses

Colourful hugging houses

These are just a few that I have created and people are loving them. Maybe thats cos I love them too from deep within.  I have let go of the NEED to create  from that position of being DRIVEN to earn money ( tho i am happy to sell my art – don’t get me wrong  – we all have bills to pay ! ) but my art now comes from a different place within me. It’s from a joyful inner desire to have fun.

Hugging homes by Freya Perry

Hugging homes by Freya Perry

My face book page Freya Perry: Enchanting art is full of my latest art escapades. So do take a look and enjoy. I am.  Though now I could with a studio again!  –   but for now I am creating from my kitchen work surface!!!  —    as I look out over my  inspirational garden.


Freya's garden

Freya’s garden

TIME!   The racing rabbit from Alice in Wonderland in my last post some months back had a great personal message to me. I fell down my rabbit hole and came back renewed.


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