Finding my sparkle

When a blog page has been dormant for a while, it’s quite a fun challenge to resurect it. .. and to find my own  sparkle again. So I thought I’d share a little about the cover for my  little gift book Sunflowers  – A Fairy Tale –  that I’m about to launch.   The cover was shown in the last post. It came out of a  painted and collaged screen  that  I created well  over  18 months ago.   Back then it was great fun getting messy with acrylic paint and paper.  I played with some amazing rainbow colours.  I used paint brushes, sponges and fingers.  I loved the golden yellow and aqua hues.  It just felt so right  for the screen. There was a small dragonfly  right at the corners edge when I first started to paint.  It was looking quite lost (see photo)   and so  I had to repaint it and you can see the difference in the book cover. It needed more sparkle.  I’m sure you’ll agree.  When the whole screen was finished it glowed .

I took that dragonfly  idea for my story  and added golden yellow sunflowers  – for my  book cover. Perfect for my fairy tale  ..  and it  made me  sparkle again.  The screen went to a family with a little girl.  They all LOVED it. Her bedroom looked delightful.

The book cover is looking good  too  –  in its own little  bag.


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